Mexican Air Force Officer 1931
Prior to WWII, the Mexican Armed Forces had a very small contingent that was a unit of the Army. They wore army uniforms with air branch insignia. Pictured here is an officer in 1930s dress wear with stand up collar and garrison belt. Note similarity of winged prop and pilot badge to US design.
Mexican Air Force Officer 1945
This picture depicts 1Tte Carlos Varela stationed in the Phillipines as part of the Mexican Expeditionary Force, Squadron 201. He is wearing all standard issue US khaki dress with a Mexican hat and insignia. The hat features a cockade and rank inisgnia. The pilot wears US wings on his right chest and Mexican wings on the left. Note the change in design in the Mexican wing to a more aztec look.
General Antonio Cárdenas Rodríguez, commanding officer of the Mexican Expedionary Air Force and the 201st Mexican Fighting Squadron that flew in Philippines in 1945. He led the mission as a Colonel.This photograph was a gift, for every mexican man that served in far east,
the message on the pic is:
"Cordially to the members of the air squad 201. 24-II-1949. Cárdenas."
In this formal portrait from immediately after the war, the General wears a more modern service dress adopted by almost all postwar air forces. Branch of service and rank are on the shoulder. Not the command wing with its large size and aztec style wings.

Mexican Expeditionary Air Force
201 Squadron, Phillipines

This group of officers are posing at their base in the Phillipines. 201 Squadron flew P-47 Thunderbolt fighters and were one of the only Mexican active fighting units in the war.
Mexican Expeditionary Air Force
201 Squadron, Flight A

Clark Field 1945. Pictured are l-r:1Tte Graco Ramirez, 1Tte Carlos Varela, 1Tte Fernando and Cpt Roberto Legurreta.
Mexican Expeditionary Air Force
Clark Field 1945. Sgt. Manuel Alcantar poses with the squadon mascot, Pancho Pistolas, which was drawn from a Disney 'The Three Caballeros' character Panchito. Pancho is painted on the tailplane of a downed Japanese fighter.

P-47 Pilot
This Mexican pilot kneels down in front of his P-47 which is winding up in the background. Note the distinctive Mexican nationality insignia of the inverted triangle on the wing and the units 'tulip' design on the cowling.
A photo collection of Captain Rey P Gallardo, pilot in B flight, Esquadron 201
Rey P Gallardo Photos

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