Nothing like this site gets built without the help and contributions of many collectors and amateur historians. The people listed here have contributed significantly to either the collection or our understanding of the issues and details pertaining to the air forces featured,

Paul Wright
Jim Robinson
Doug Drabik
Chris Kanca
Lt. Dave Schwind
Bill Howard
Luigi Piccardi
Luigi di Gabriele
François Saez
Jim Robinson
David George
Dr. Adam Langweiller
J. G. Van der Beek
Gene Ashton
Bob Schwartz
Mark Avery
Bill Cook
Ernesto Vitetti

Thanks to the many families and relatives of pilots that have contributed items or information.

Thanks goes to our friends and family that have to put up with it all.

Most importantly, thank you to the brave young men that got into those cockpits sixty years ago. I still sometimes wonder how you were able to do it.

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