Photos of Reynaldo Perez Gallardo, Captain, B flight, Escuadron 201, FAEM
A young officer in the Mexican Air Force
This is probably Rey's official ID photo. In this picture he is still a Lieutenant. Note the cockade and single vertical rank bar on the overseas cap. He wears branch of service prop and wing on one collar and rank on the other.
The 'Movie Star' portrait
Every fighter pilot has one. This one is even signed. Rey is wearing the winter service dress of the Mexican Army, air force branch. Notice the wreath and cockade above his double bar captains rank.
A flight of P-47s
These are not marked in the FAEM colors and have invasion stripes. These could be the FAEM planes before they were repainted.

Press photo of Flight B, Esc. 201
Please click the photo to see a larger version with the officer's names. Rey is kneeling in front.
The men of flight B on the flight line
The veterans together again.
Rey is standing 3rd from left in his Air Force uniform.

Who can resist a lovely young lady?
The men of 201 are all geared up for shipping out to the Philippines.
The Squadron Commander's Jeep
Marked 201 FAEM
Victory Parade
The men of 201 in formal dress astride their mounts parading I believe back home in Mexico.

Captain Rey Gallardo and his plane of choice
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