Enlisted Man wears a rough wool tunic similar in grade to other European other ranks. His collar indicates branch of service. It is unclear if chevron on collar is specialty mark or rank. Current Estonian rank is reflected on arms and sleeves.
Estonian Air Force Officers
This group photograph was probably taken in the early 30s based on the aircraft pictured. The uniforms show a range of rank and probably indicates this is a command photo. Only some of the officers wear the Estonian flight badge.
Estonian Air Force Lieutenant>
This interesting portrait shows the full uniform of an Estonian pilot. The service dress features rank on sleeve (braid and stars). He wears the Estonian pilot badge on his chest. The collars indicate branch of service and regiment.
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estonian lt
Modern Tunic This young Lieutenant is wearing a more modern tunic in the style pictured above. The rank stars on the shoulder are unique and I don't have an image for the them. The collars are for a regiment but I don't know which one. The pilot wears the standard flight qualification wing.
Winter Coat It is unclear to me whether this man is an officer or enlisted as I have not been able to find enough information about Estonian Air Force insignia to be sure. The Air Force branch of service is indicated by the collars.
Winter Cap This is an unusal form of field cap as it has flaps but no bill. I don't know if the cockade is for rank or a national insignia. The three rampant lions on the badge (very similar to Denmark) and the crossed rifles would seem to indicate the insignia of the armed forces.
Estonian Flight Engineer This is a really rare image of an Estonian flight engineer senior sargeant wearing his authorized badge. You can see a close up of this badge in the insignia section.

1st Lieutenant the high collared winter service dress. This is an earlier style than the one picture in the upper right. Rank is indicated by the single pip on his shoulder.
Pilot in flight gear. This is very much the pre-war style of heavy blanket gear to keep warm in open cockpits. The boots are similar to Soviet style.
Estonian Seaplane The national insignia is a medium blue, black and white triangle. The national colors are also repeated on the tail rudder.

An Estonian fighter of the 1920's. Flying WWI surplus material from the allies.
Estonian Fighters lined up for inspection. A 30's monowing design.

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