Estonian Pilot Observer Badge
Introduced in 1925, it is a very dramatic wing. The pilot observer features a Baltic Eagle with outstretched wings clutching a sword and the national insignia of Estonia in his talons. The pilot observer wing featured lightning bolts while the pilot badge did not.
Estonian Military Pilot's Graduation Badge
This has to be one of the rarest badges in the world with only two others known to exist and a total issue of 16. This is the Military Pilot's graduation badge for the first two pilot courses (1919/20 and 1923) organized by the Training Dept of the Estonian Air Forces (It was named Lennuvägi -Air Force /01.09.1919 - 01.08.1920/ and Aviation Company /01.08.1920-01.06.1921/ and then again Air Force - Lennuvägi 01.06.1921-15.03.1924). Tuiman got his badge after he was licensed as a pilot (28.02.1921), he didn't make any flights during  the Liberation War. He was however a veteran of the Czar's army.
(Image courtesy of Estonian collector Ove Tiits, additional info courtesy of Toivo Kitvel).
Nikolai Tuiman(1898-1976), Estonian Pilot

(Image courtesy of Estonian collector Ove Tiits).
Estonian Pilot Badge
And still in the original box! This fine example shows the same style feathering in the wings and the shape of the head as the Pilot Observer. The eagle clutches the sword and national colors in nicely detailed talons. Please click to see the reverse of the badge. While this is a nice original, these badges are beginning to be reproduced.
(courtesy Chris Shephard collection).
Estonian Flight Engineer Badge
This is a very rare badge! It is unclear if it was worn by flight personnel or ground personnel as the Estonian Air Force did not possess any of their own large, multi-engined craft that would have required and on-board engineer.

Estonian Army Cockade
This is simple stamped copper or pot metal example with a gilt finish. It is worn in combination with a star device as shown below.
Order of the Cross of the Eagle
While this is not an aviation badge and is still being awarded, I wanted to publish it here as reference of Estonian insignia style. This is the Iron Eagle class.

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