Captain Vasilije J. Stojanovic
The three pips and the single stripe indicate a captains rank. He wears the royal air force badge on his visor and the pilot badge on his right breast. This uniform would have been a medium blue color. Note the square pocket flaps with the pleats.
Royal Yugoslavian Naval Observer
This is an extremely rare photograph as there were very few Royal Yugoslavian Naval Aviators and even fewer observers. This formal portrait of this Lieutenant shows him in his full dress uniform with boards, black tie and sword. The naval observer badge is on his left breast.
Royal Yugoslavian Captain
These two photos show quite well the cut and insignia of the Royal Yugoslavian service dress uniform right before WWII. The large cipher on the cap is the double headed eagle and the Cyrillic cipher of Peter the II. The service tunic is quite simple and modern with straight flap pleated pockets, four narrowly spaced buttons and no belligerent is indicated by both the shoulder boards and the cuff rank braid.

Royal Yugoslavian Lieutenant
This is a very early uniform, probably from the 20s as the collar is so high. Very much in the Austro-Hungarian style.
Royal Yugoslavian Jr. Lieutenant
He has a single rank pip and regimental device on his shoulder boards. He wears an Observer wing.
Royal Yugoslavian Pilot
He wears flight gear that was common to all countries in the early 1930's.
Royal Yugoslavian Lieutenant
The photo is dated 1935. He wears a pilot badge.

Royal Yugoslavian Air Force Summer dress
This summer dress is more informal in cut and is probably from the late 1930s.

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