Royal Yugsolavian Pilot Badge
Taking its style cues from pilot badges of the Austro-Hungarian empire of the last war, the Yugoslav badge is an eagle mounted across a wreath of laurel and oak. The crown signifies the rule of the monarch Peter II. The shield device reflects the combination of countries that made up the relatively young Yugoslavia. All badges in the series featured a gold crown, a gold eagle and a gold shield on a silver wreath. Some badges were silver, some were tombac, some were zinc. In many cases the gold gilding has worn off making the badge appear all silver.
Royal Yugsolavian Observer Badge
Esentially the same as the pilot badge, the observer badge had a compass rose in the middle.
Royal Yugsolavian Flight Engineer Badge
This badge is in the same style as the pilot and observer but features a winged radial engine.
Royal Yugsolavian Aircrew Badge
Previously identified as a balloon badge, this is actually an aircrew badge (showing all activities other than flying.) This intricate badge dates primarily from the First World War but examples were worn into the 30's. The badge features a central balloon bag with the Yugo shield and winged prop and engine. These are flanked by lighting bolts and bombs.
Royal Yugsolavian Aircrew Badge (?)
This badge, which is essentially the eagle from the Austro-Hungarian badges, is shown being worn by enlisted personnel in photos. It is not clear if this was a regulation badge.
Royal Yugsolavian Naval Pilot Badge
All the naval badges followed the same pattern as the air force badges but with the addition of a large central anchor.
Royal Yugsolavian Naval Observer Badge
Royal Yugsolavian Naval Flight Engineer Badge

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