An M1943 Field Service Dress Uniform for a Female Lieutenant of the VVS
By 1943, there were many women in combat positions in the Soviet armed services, including pilots. Uniform regulations provided for a service uniform similar to men with a female cut. Sizes were reduced. Blouse buttons placed on the opposite side. And skirts.
Another addition was the beret, a more feminine look than the traditional pilotka. A simple enamel red star was worn in the front. Belts were the same as men although cut down to size. Boots were also shorter.
Like all other Soviet services, 1943 saw the return of the shoulder board to indicate rank, force and specialty. In this case, lieutenant of the air force.

A close up of the field style shoulder board. The single red stripe was for junior officers. The two stars for senior lieutenant. The blue piping is for the air services. As part of the flight specialty, the Lt. has a winged prop. The button is standard for all soviet forces.
As shown in many war time pictures, soviet fighters wore their full medals in combat. The Lieutentant wears the Order of the Red Banner and the medal for the Defence of Stalingrad.

An early cut star belt.
A close up of the beret and the collar of the tunic. Note that the buttons are on the left side for a blouse.

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