1943 Model Parade Uniform for Major General of Naval Aviation A. Z. Dushin, 1944
Major General Dushin's uniform is the 1943 model parade tunic. This style was regulation from 1943 until 1945 when the more elaborate Victory Parade style uniform was issued. The M43 style features an elaborately embroidered collar with azure blue piping for the aviation branch. Parade tunics are double breasted in the traditional style of a naval frock coat.
Features of the M43 parade uniform include shoulder boards for rank vs. earlier styles which had naval rank as braid on the cuffs. The shoulder boards were a traditional Russian feature that marked a return to traditions previously eliminated by Soviet doctrine. The belt is standard for Admirals and would have been worn with a simple style naval dagger.
The back view shows the longer cut and unique frock pattern vents and buttons which are similar to 19th century naval coats. The Russian navy had a long history with many traditions that were kept despite the revolution.

From this angle the fancy collars with the anchor and large star are shown. Admirals wore standard solid gold, six-sided shoulder boards that were the same as their army counterparts. The only difference being the button. In 1945, new admiral 'stars' were introduced.
The headgear of Soviet admirals went through a number of changes during WWII. As of 1940, unique gold braid was re-introduced for senior officers and admirals saw the return of heavy gold braid on the visor. Not until 1945 was a unique parade hat for admirals introduced with a more elaborate cap device.

The cuffs show the special embroidery unique to admirals including the blue aviation piping. Only admirals had three spools. This design changed with the Victory Parade uniform where line admirals had anchors at the cuffs and technical admirals (titled generals) had spools. The dress belt was unique to admirals as well. This design has changed little in the years since WWII. The buttons on the tunic are relatively simple anchors that all ranks wore. Only in 1945 were unique admiral buttons introduced.

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