M43 Model Service Dress uniform to a Colonel of the Naval Air Force
The M43 Naval Uniform was very simple and straight forward in design. It featured a high collar similar to all M43 uniforms and the re-established use of shoulderboards which had been banished from the Czar's time.
The M43 lacked any gold lace from previous naval uniforms. All rank was indicated in the shoulder boards, which made the uniform very plain in appearance. The tunic was worn without a belt.
It is quite common in pictures from the period to see naval aviators flying in their service dress. Compare this uniform to the men in the picture behind. The Colonel has one award of the Red Banner.

The flight helmet the Colonel is wearing is from mid-war on as it has integrated radio electronics, which was not a feature of early flight gear. This helmet is closely modeled on the German flight helmet.
The goggles worn by the Colonel were very common and were produced in a cheaper variety well in to the 1960s. These are WWII models with the round tube vents on the top of the goggles with heavy rubber cushions and heavy rock glass lenses.
A photograph of Naval Captain Tsyganov, HSU of the 4th Guards fighter unit, Black Sea Fleet. He is wearing a similar outfit to the uniform pictured. Capt. Tsyganov scored a total of 24 aerial victories.

As a Colonel of Naval Aviation, he wears boards with two thin stripes of azure blue with three silver stars. The gold color is for line officers. Silver would be for technical officers. The silver disc hanging off the helmet is a throat microphone.

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