An M1940 Field Service Dress Tunic to a Major General Active Pilot of the VVS
This M40 tunic is notable not only because it is fairly hign ranked to a Major General but also because it has been customized for flight. The owner has had the tunic cut short for easy in and out of the tight cockpits.
The 1935 regulations indicated the sleeve stars, chevrons and wings for air force officers but had not generals rank. This was re-established in 1940, which dates this tunic to after 1940. The wing on the sleeve from 1935 was supposed to have been removed but the general has kept it on despite regulations.
This tunic is made of a coarser wool than is usually found for generals, indicating this was either his field tunic or he wore it through promotions. The buttons are also post-1940 general's style.

A close-up of the collar shows the 1940 regulation rank indication for a Major General and general's button style. The collar is azure blue for air force with the gold bullion piping for general rank. This is sewn directly to the tunic. The stars are gold bullion as well, not metal stamped stars.
The handsomely embroidered 1935 regulation wing is sewn on olive felt wool and then sewn to the tunic. The prop and wings are bullion thread and the center star is red silk.

The awards on the tunic reflect the following, from left to right, the Guards badge, meaning the wearer belongs to a unit that has been granted the honor of Guards status. The order of the Red Banner, the order of the Red Star, and the Twenty Year anniversary medal of the Red Army.
Since this tunic has been put through hard use, the gold color on the metal material on the chevron and star has worn off. The large star and all gold chevron corresponds with the general rank.
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