A 1935 Model (M35) Field Dress Uniform to a Brigade Commander (Kombrig) of the Soviet Air Force (VVS)
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Following the Revolution and up until 1940, the rank of General had been disbanded from the armed forces as a reflection of discarding class and tsarist distinctions. The most senior offcers were know simply by their commands, in this case, a brigade. The single diamond was the equivilant to a later star. The M35 uniform regulations had the air force in its own unique "French Blue" uniform color as illustrated by the pilotka cap and breeches. However, in the field, the typical olive army color gymnnastiorka with air force insignia. The golden chevron and red diamond denote rank. The blue color denotes air force. And the wing and gold piping on the collar tab denotes active flight service.

The Air Force Pilotka was introduced in the blue color in 1935 and was worn through the end of the war even though the blue color was phased out at the start of hostilities. There was no distinction in the style of the pilotka between senior and junior ranks. A close-up view of the stand and fall collar of M35 style. The brass winged propellers also denote the air forces - active flight personnel. The technical personnel had winged crossed hammers. The buttons are the standard star with the hammer and sickle symbol. From 1935 until 1943, the flight personnel of both the army and navy had official wings attached on the left sleeve. Aircraft pilots had the crossed swords over the wing prop. Airship pilots had an anchor over the winged prop. After the war, these symbols were transferred into metal badges like in the West and worn over the pocket..

Like almost all Soviet uniforms, this one is unnamed and it is unclear who he owner was or what awards they might have earned. There are three clear holes and it is likely that they would have had these awards. These are the early screwback style of the Order of Lenin and two Orders of the Red Banner, 1935 saw the introduction of the cut out star belt which was very popular. this belt is of a later variety unique to senior officers with a hidden catch.
A photograph of Kombrig Mikhail Vodopyanov, hero of the Soviet Union, wearing this style field uniform.

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