A Model 1940 Tunic to a Captain of Fliegerkompanie 12 of the Swiss Armed Forces
There were two captains of Fliegerkompanie 12 during the war. From 1938 to 1943 it was Capt. Jean Rieser and from 1943 on it was Capt. Viktor Hug. Hug later became famouse for a daring rescue of a downed Dakota in the Swiss Alps using Fieseler Storks.
M40 Style Swiss Armed Forces Tunic for the Air Force branch
During WWII the Swiss Air Force was a branch within the larger Swiss armed forces. Oddly this uniform came out of the Ukraine.
The Air Force branch of service color was black. The service insignia was the diagonal winged propeller on the cuff.

Swiss Armed Forces Buttons
Fliegerkompanie 12 Officers
Fliegerkompanie 12 Officers

Flight rated pilot badge
A rather simple winged prop in gold bullion on black wool.
Captain rank on the collar - three starts

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