A Service Dress Tunic belonging to Teniente (Lieutenant) José Felipe de Pallejá Ricard
Teniente (Lieutenant) José Felipe de Pallejá Ricard received basic flight training in El Copero (Sevilla) from October 1937. He later made the Transformation course at Jerez (Cadiz) in January 1938. (The photo was taken on the 20th, fifteen days after being promoted to 'Alferez' (ensign)). Later made the fighter pilot course at Gallur (Valladolid) from 1st October 1938 to 10th Nov.1938.
Joined the 3-G-3 (3rd.Sq. of Group 3) Equipped with Fiat Cr-32 and participated in the Ebro Battle but did not bag any victories. (with much appreciation to Francisco Valero for the information)
Front view
The service dress tunic could be made parade-ready with a few simple additions. In this case, a gilt belt, special shoulder boards, a sash and the dagger.
Civil War Veteran's Sash
The sash is a special commemorative for officers who served during the Civil War. The bar has the dates 1936-1939.

Air Force Officer's Parade Belt
A gilt fabric belt was buckled with a round gilt metal wreath with the air force emblem in the center.
Parade Shoulder Boards
Would be worn for Parade occasions.

Spanish Air Force Parade Boards
The service tunic has sewn tabs for the soft epaulettes to be replaced with these metal and fabric parade boards.
Spanish Air Force Ceremonial Officer's Dagger
The dagger was of fairly simple design and borrows a lot of style cues from the Luftwaffe dagger. The crossguard features the pilot badge and the pommel feutures a crown.

Toledo Forge Hallmark
Where well made Spanish blades have been forged for centuries.

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