A 2nd Lieutenant pilot of the Royal Netherlands Army Air Force pre-WWII dress uniform
courtesy of the A. Rigutto collection
The early dress uniform of the Royal Netherlands air force was uniquely black in color. Later this was superceded by the field grey-green service dress. For full dress, shoulder boards were worn. The uniform was completed with breeches, boots and kepi. The front view showing the handsome column of seven gilt buttons. On the chest is the metal qualified pilot badge. The rear view shows the quality tailoring of these pre-war uniforms. The uniform is made of heavy wool gabardine material. The back features two gilt coat buttons.

The shoulder view shows the heavily corded epaulet with the interesting rank device in the middle. These shoulder boards are really hard to find - making this uniform extremely rare in such good shape. The Lieutenant device is a six-pointed vaulted star, made of brass and gilded silver. The star is engraved with surrounding lines. It is attached to the collar with prongs. The air force propeller and engine device is sewn directly to the fabric.

This officer wears the Dutch Army Air Force pilot wing. The wing could be sewn in bullion thread directly to the tunic or be a metal badge as worn hear. The badges were well made, die stamped metal and gilded gold. The central device is made of orange, clear enamel. The private tailor tag sewn to the heavily quilted lining.
The Netherlands army button with the Royal Lion in gilt.

The black junior officer's kepi has a line of piping in black. The side view of the Dutch military kepi showing the pronounced national orange-colored cockade in front. To the right is the hat maker's label.

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