A parade tunic to a Lieutenant of the Mongolian Air Force
The independent state of Mongolia was a Soviet satellite during WWII. They flew Soviet equipment and derived their style of uniforms from the Soviet Union.
This single breasted, high collared tunic reflects the style of Soviet parade uniforms after 1943 with the addition of shoulder boards.
On the left sleeve of the jacket, flight personnel wore a bullion embroidered wing designating flight status. This was true of the army and the navy. This was eliminated in 1940 but continued on until 1943 with the re-introduction of shoulder boards.

The back shows the unique style of the parade uniform with a single piped vent and gilt gold buttons on the back.
I am not sure about the different colors on the sleeve except the blue for air force. I am not sure if the colors followed the Soviet system with green for border guards and cranberry for NKVD. The yellow is a mystery.
The buttons for Mongolia are similar to the Soviet Union with the exception of the hammer and sickle, which are not present.

The boards are 5 sided with a single blue stripe down the middle for a junior officer. The single pip, a geometric design of Mongolian origin, denotes a second lieutenant.
The boards attach to the tunic with a felt strap that loops through a fabric strip and then is tied down with laces from the top button.

The high collar has a pair of tabs which in the Soviet style only appears on parade tunics. Otherwise, the collar would be plain.
These unique ribbons are reverse painted heavy acrylic. They replaced an even more beautiful enamel version worn earlier. This style was worn immediately after the war. Later standard ribbon was worn. The ribbons are top down, left to right, the Order of the Red Banner of Combat Valor, the Order of Combat Valor, the Order of the Polar Star, the Order of the Polar Star, the Honorary Medal of Combat, the Mongolian "We have conquered" WWII victory medal, the USSR Victory over Japan medal and the medal for 25 years of the MPR

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