Uniform Elements
Not much to show here. Still looking. The Mexican Air Force wore the same uniform as the Mexican Army with AF branch of service insignia. During active duty in WWII, photos show personnel wearing US khaki field dress with Mexican headgear and nationality titles.
Mexican Army Hat
This is the blue winter version worn with the blue service dress uniform. There was a khaki version as well. The national cockade is at top. The device is for the General Staff. It features a cavalry metal helmet with two crossed swords behind. Torch with fire and five thunders, each one representing an army specialty: Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Combat Enginners, and Intendency. The rank could be 2nd Captain, because of the ribbon colors: two yellows and one
Mexican Summer Army Hat
The tan summer officer's visor hat did not feature the band denoting branch of service. It retained the national cockade at top and the officer's rank device just above the chin strap. This hat is missing the device but the holes are there.
Mexican Summer Army Hat
Another view of the same hat. Compare it to the hat of the officer behind.

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