This hand-made piece is constructed of coin silver and was probably cast as indicated by the rough back. The wings are nicely hand detailed and the enamel work is superb, reflective of a quality jeweler. The eagle device is seperate and applied. The back shows unique, heavy screws with catches to keep the wing in place. Engraved by hand are the initials of the FAEM (Fuerza Aerea Expedicionaria Mexicana)
FAM Wing
This wing is more crude in style and construction but reflects a much more Mexican design. It appears die struck but the detailing is poor. The enamel work is especially poor. This piece could have been made in the Phillippines. FAM stands for Fuerza Aerea Mexicana.which was formed in approximately 1944.
Mexican Expeditionary Force Nationality Patch
This is a really fine patch made of blue wool with silk thread embroidery.

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