Sometimes called the meritorius pilot badge, this is actually the designation of an active pilot. They are worn as pairs on the epaulettes as pictured to the left.
One of the most recognizable of flight badges, this is the Latvian Air Regiment badge. It was worn by all members of the regiment, which was formed for the war.
This is the second pattern badge of the Latvian Aero Club, a non-military orginization to which many pilots belonged to prior to the war. It is pictured on the pocket. The three stars are a traditional symbol and appear in other Latvian insignia.
Arnis Kekis
Captain Janis Rucels, photographed probably during the war based on his ribbons, is wearing the many badges that make up a Latvian pilot. There is much disinformation that is being corrected as better references are more publicly available from Latvia. The one badge not pictured here is the Estonian wing to the right of the Air Regiment badge. That can be seen in the Estonian Air Force section
This beautiful badge is the graduation badge from the Military Aviation School. It was only for flight personnel. It is worn on the pocket flap at right.
The Latvian Naval Aviator Badge. The eagle is carrying the Latvian naval jack in its talons

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