Spanish Service Dress tunic to a Maggiore of the Italian Air Force Legion of the Spanish Civil War
(uniform courtesy of Ernesto Vitetti)
This tunic is primarily a Spanish Air Force style and fabric with Italian Air Force Legion insignia added. This style of tunic was worn by the Fascist forces under Franco from approximately 1936-1939.
Maggiore (Major) rank is indicated on each sleeve with a single eight pointed star in the middle of the cuff (juinor officer's were indicated by six pointed stars). The airmen wears an Aviation Legion wing on his right breast, the standard Italian pilot wing on the right and a German pilot wing on the right pocket. The large star device is the Spanish Breast Star of the War Cross.
A rear view showing the simple tailoring of the jacket and the Sam Brown belt.
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The side cap is that of the Spanish fascist forces with the single star of a Solotenente. A tassel probably was attached at one time to the front corner of the cap but has been removed.
The soft epaulets were a unique part of the Spanish uniform and never appeared on Italian Air Force uniforms. The emblem of the Legion was embroidered on each.>>

This embroidered patch which appears on the sleeve is the Spanish "Medalla Militar Colectiva", which was the Spanish equivilant to the US Presidential Unit Citation.
This pin is for the bomber squadron "FALCHI DELLE BALEARI" ( Falcons of the Balearic Islands) and is worn above the Italian pilot wing.
These are the unique wings of the Italian Legion which combine the traditional Spanish wing with the crossed arms of the Legion.

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