Service Dress Tunic to Generale di Brigata Aerea (Brigadier General) Pomarici
Born on the 25th of June, 1893, Pomarici entered WWII as a senior officer of the Regia Aeronautica. Promoted to Brigadier at the age of 47 in 1940, he ended his long career at this rank.

Enters permanent active service 10th April 1915
Breveted airplane and dirigible pilot
Chooses dirigibles as his specialty
1925 Squadron Commander and Capitano (Captain) in the Gruppo Dirigibili (airship group)
1926 promoted Maggiore (Major) of the Stormo Dirigibili (airship division)
1927 Comandante (commander) of the Stormo Dirigibili
1928 assigned to the General Staff
1928 promoted Tenente Colonnello (Lt. Colonel)
1931 assigned to 20° Stormo
1932 Commander of the Aviazione Basso Tirreno
(Basso Tirreno is the lower Mediterranean sea)
1933 Commander of the Aviazione Sicilia (Sicily Air Army)
1934 Assigned to the Naval War College
1936 Promoted Colonnello (Colonel) and commander of the 30° Stormo and is married
1939 assigned to the Air Ministry (Committee of Advanced Aeronautics)
1940 Promoted to Generale di Brigata Aerea (Brigade General) and becomes a father
1941 Heads Central Property Office
1942 Commands the 2° Raggruppamento School until the end of the war.
General Pomarici wears the standard service blue tunic of the Regia Aeronautica common to all officers with only minor allowances for his senior rank. The tunic is posed in front of the Air Ministry building during one of Goering's visits.
The tunic was worn with service dress blue slacks and a visor cap which features the same rank braid around the center as the sleeves.

The chest view shows the arrangement of the shoulder tabs and the stars of the Italian military. In this case, the stars are gold for a general vs. typical silver for officers and NCOs.
The Brigadier's tunic has unique shoulder tabs completely in gold braided lace with the central sceptre/propeller device for the flying branch. This shoulder device was worn by all general ranks from Air Marshal to Brigadier.
The side view shows the cut of the tunic and the placement of the rank devices.

The back of the general's wings has his name engraved on the back. There is no other jeweler mark.
The pilot wing is a standard Italian design for pilot during the pre-1943 part of the war. The generals medals include, top row, l-r: Gold Military Valor Cross, Saints Maurice and Lazarus Cross (Knight), Order of the Crown of Italy (Commander), Silver Officer's Service Cross (16 years) Middle row, l-r: Air Force Long Service Medal (gold = 20 years), unknown (could be Hungarian), War Merit Cross (x2), Bottom Row, l-r: War Merit Cross, Commemorative Medal of Italian-Austrian War 1915/18 (4 years), Medal for Italian Unification, Commemorative Medal for Military Operations in East Africa (1935/36).
General's had the special row of greca (gold brocade). The number of stripes above the greca reflected the general's rank, in this case brigadier. The hat would reflect the same arrangement on the band.

On the left is the gold colored collar star only for generals. On the right is the gold gilt Italian Air Force button.

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