Tailor-made Battle Dress Uniform to Air Vice-Marshal Norman Stuart Allinson, CB
Born April 19th, 1904, Norman Stuart Allinson attended RAF Cranwell. He served in a number of flying posts in the 20s and went on to staff college in 1936, preparing him for more senior posts. WWII saw him a number of roles including armament, personnel and planning. This took him to the Middle East where he ended the war.
AVM Allinson wears a unique, tailor-made version of the RAF battle dress. This was the preferred uniform by most allied officers by the end of the war. Both the hat and the uniform were made by Moss Brothers, a famous tailor.
Following the war, AVM Allinson progressed through postings in Air Training, Personnel, Administration and most interestingly, helping to bring along Southern Rhodesia Air Force in Bulawayo.

The uniform reflects Allinson's rank as of 1951. He spent the majority of WWII in senior roles, being promoted from Wing Commander through Air Commodore. The entry for AVM Allinson from the 1975 Who's Who

The inside pocket of the jacket shows the Moss Brother's label and AVM Allinson's name.
AVM Allinson's Hat is the most 'flashy' part of a relatively subdued uniform. It features two large rows of senior gold bullion braid for an air rank officer (general/admiral equivilant) and the unique cap badge device with the royal lion surmounting the crown (again, only for air rank).

AVM Allinson's ribbons reflect the career of a valuable and respected senior officer who was not in an active combat role during the war. Top row includes his Companion of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath, the 1939-45 Star, North Africa Star, Defense Medal, War Medal with MID device, George VI Coronation Medal and Elizabeth II Coronation Medal. The RAF wore their rank in the form of rank curls on service dress uniforms. When Battle Dress was introduced the rank was moved the epaulettes. AVM wears the single large stripe for air rank and the single additional stripe for Vice-marshal.

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