Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm Battle Dress Uniform to a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve (RNVR
This Lieutenant wears the very functional Battle Dress uniform that became standardized across all British and Commonwealth forces mid-war. In this case, the RN has adopted the style for an officer in dark navy blue serge wool with brass naval buttons. For the balance of the war, Battle Dress was considered the standard service dress. RN officers had rank on the shoulders as opposed to sleeve braid. As pictured in the back, officers wore a white shirt and black tie, or a heavy sweater when things got cold. Flight gear was worn directly over the uniform. This officer belongs to the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve which was formed in 1903. The RNVR was made up of professional seaman (or in this case, airmen) who trained regularly with the Royal Navy. During hostilities, they could be called up as an auxiliary force.

During WWII, the RNVR was an officer only force and wore a unique rank braid with wavy lines and a square shaped loop. Hence the nickname, the "Wavy Navy". The standard gold gilt brass button worn by RN regular officers. The official regulation tag for the Battle Dress jacket, here referred to official as a Blue Working Dress, Blouse. The jacket is dated 1945.

For working dress, tropical dress and whites, Royal Naval officers wore their wings above the left pocket. The wing is gold and silver bullion with a silver anchor sewn in. The ribbons below are for the 1939-45 Campaign Star and Atlantic Campaign Star. This is the standard Royal Navy officer's visor hat. The wool is a finer grade than that of the jacket.

Ready for flight, this officer wears 1939 Pattern boots. These were worn in to the war but were replaced by the 1941 patterns in the rear photo. In his hand he carries a 1941 pattern life vest. The tag for the trousers, made by the same manufacturer but in 1944.

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