Tunic and ID bracelet to Petty Officer 2nd Class Dassonville *Click images to see larger and both sides
Petty Officer 2nd Class Dassonville wears the standard officer's style tunic (which POs were authorized to wear). The blue reefer jacket could be worn with the blue trousers as shown or also with white trousers and a white cap cover for summer.
Rank was indicated by the stripes on the sleeve, which in this case are two angled stripes with a chevron pattern in the gold weave. The Aéronavale branch of service device is worn on the left sleeve.

This is the Aéronavale insignia worn by all personnel in the branch.
Dassonville's name tag and serial number.
In this close-up view we can see the rank stripes more clearly. Also shown is Dassonville's identity tag which has his name and French colors. The tag was designed to be broken in half in case of death.
This is the naval pilot badge as worn by qualified pilots. It features the standard wing with naval anchor and french star. The free french cross has been added.

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