A Service Dress Uniform to a Commandant, Flying Branch *Click on any picture to see full size.
The above photo shows the Commandant with his designated insignia. The cap features both the wings of the air force branch and the three rings below and the one ring above that designated the rank.
The tunic features rank in two places, the rank rings on the cuffs and the 'passants' on the shoulder.
The embroidered 'wings' over the pocket were for all air force personnel. The metal badge on the pocket actually designated the officer as a flight qualified pilot.
the ribbons are for WWII service and are shown below.
The Louise blue of the French Air Force derives its unique color probably from the traditional navy blue. Of all the air forces, the French actually wore the most 'blue' blue of the all the air forces. Also in the Navy tradition, the overcoat (pictured above) were double breasted and all the rank was designated by gold braid rings.
This photo shows the pilot without his overcoat. This is the standard outfit worn by all French Air Force personnel as they entered the second world war. After the fall of France, air force personnel usally wore RAF battle dress and preserved their 'French Blues' for best dress.

The insignia of the French Air Forces. Most general flying personnel had the wing and the star. Other colonial and territorial squadrons would have other devices instead of the star.
The pilot badge. This was made many different ways. This one is hollow stamped made of three parts (star, wing, wreath). It was traditionally attached by a bar through metal loops. This one is actually stitched into the tunic
This ribbon bar is mounted on a separate piece of fabric which is attached to the uniform by stiched loops and eye hooks .

The ribbons are, from top to bottom and left to right:
The Légion d'Honneur (very faded) Chevalier grade. Awarded for gallantry in action.
Croix de la Valeur Militaire with citation (one star) for a couragous act (civilian or military fighting in the algerian war)
Colonial Medal (awarded for action in French territories).
Special Ribbon for the Wounded (awarded during WWI).

This set of photographs shows the rank system of the French Air Force with the many repeats of the gold braid.

The buttons (both the hat and the coat) had a very fine relief of a curves wing below a radiant star.

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