1939 Armée de l'Air Adjudant-chef Berteaux
1938 Non-commissioned Officer
The uniform is different than the officer cut and has less quality material. It features five closely spaced gilt buttons with the Armée symbol. The sleeves are finished with pointed cuffs.
A Unique Cut
The lapels are also cut differently than the officer tunic. Based on photos, it also seems that men wore white as well as dark shirts with black ties.
Rank was indicated by both the small ribbons on the cuffs as well as the passants on the shoulders. See close-up below.

The Name tag
The styled logo is for the famous Belle Jardiniére, a department store chain in Paris. The year is 1938 and the wearers name, Berteaux.
A Decorated WWI Veteran
The awards are placed as found. They are certainly not configured neatly like most. The ribbons are for the WWI Croix de Guerre with Palm, the Verdun medal, the Combatants cross, the WWI Victory medal and the War of 1914-1918 medal,
Belle Jardiniére Label
The embroidered wings on the pocket indicate branch of service. The metal badge is for a qualified pilot and is of the pre-WWII style.
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The rank of Adjudant-chef was the senior of the two Warrant officer grades in the Armée de l'Air. The rank was indicated by a gold ribbon with a middle stripe of red. The junior warrant officer grade was silver ribbon with a red stripe.
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