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A Flight Tunic to a Senior Lt. E. A. Heino
This is a great example of a Finnish 'flight-tunic', a rougher tunic for the filed as opposed to the service tunic. The collars are blue for air force with two gold roses denoting rank. The sam brown belt that came with the tunic is stamped and named to Lt. Heimo.
The helmet this pilot holds is actually of Finnish manufature but based on German design. The dark blue breeches are from the service tunic and were often worn together.
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This collar shot shows the buttons better. They are made of olive green bakelite and have the Finnish lion on them. The ribbons are as follows:
Order of the Cross of Liberty, War Merit,
3rd class
Medal for Liberation War (1918)
Medal for Civil Defence
Medal for Winter War (1939-40)
The interior of the tunic shows the receiving stamps and the date, 1941.

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