M27 Lieutenant Air Force Uniform courtesy of Miikka Teräs collection
In 1927, Finland modernized its Air Force uniform with a new dark blue model with open collar and trousers. Rank was indicated by metal lace on the sleeves. The uniform was worn with a leather 'sam browne' garrison belt, white shirt and black tie. A matching dark blue officer's visor cap was also worn. This Lieutentant has a single stripe indicating his rank. He is standing in front of Fiat 2000s purchased from Italy in the summer of 1941. Even though a new field uniform was issued in 1936, the dark blue M27 uniform continued to be worn as walking out service dress during the war.

On the shoulder straps, the Lieutentant has the winged crooked cross that was the branch of service insignia for the air force. The gilt Finnish lion was for officers. The button also has the Finnish lion.
As indicated by the awards, the M27 was worn well in to WWII when the Finns allied with the Germans to continue their fight against the Soviets. The ribbon in the buttonhole is the German Iron Cross, Second Class. The ribbon bar has the Order of Liberty, Fourth Class, Order of Liberty, Fifth class and the medal for the Winter War against the Soviets.
A shot of the back showing the unique stitching on the officer's belt.

The M27 Officers's visor cap was in the same dark blue material as the uniform. A soaring bird tops and officer's cockade with a gold bullion wreath and a central device of red enamel surrmounted by the Finnish lion.
A closer shot of the Lieutenant's awards, including now the German Iron Cross, First Class on the left. The large blue badge is the Finnish qualified pilot badge. The badge above with the crossed swords is the Cadet's School Badge and can be viewed here.

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