A service dress tunic to a Pilot Officer (Tayyar Thani)
This Pilot Officer wears both the wings of the REAF and RAF, which at its inception was being trained and led by British and Commonwealth personnel.
The Royal Egyptian Air Force came into existence as a separate force in 1937. Previous to this the air force had been a branch of the army and consequently wore army uniforms and army rank. In 1937, air force personnel took on unique ranks patterned after the RAF. The tunic reflects the close relationship between England and Egypt as it is modeled closely on the RAF style.
The four pocket service dress has two scalloped pleated chest pockets and two lower bellows pockets. There are four brass buttons with eagle and crown. The belt is closed with a brass buckle. Rank is indicated by shoulder boards which is a unique departure from RAF rank braid on the cuffs.
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This is nice early flat version of the RAF wing with heavy silk thread on melton wool. The tailor's label in both Arabic and Latin letters. Note the French influence in the name - as fits a fashionable tailor. These are the WWII style wings that came in to existence with the REAF in 1937. Note the unique palm frond wings. The center device is the Muslim crescent with three stars, the Egyptian national symbol, which was repeated in the green and white roundel on aircraft. The crown is of the royal family which ruled until it was overthrown in a coup in 1952.

A close view of the rank device which is a very simple round button. A close-up view of the underside of the board showing its attachment to the tunic. The REAF button which is closely patterned on the RAF button with the exception of the different crown.

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