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This is a pre-war example of the Czechoslovakian Pilot Badge. The reverse is hallmarked to Provaznik A. Spol Praha VII. It is made up of a winged sword piercing a wreath of linden leaves. The Czechoslovakian seal of a crowned rampant lion surmounts a diamond. The pilot badge was indicated by a gold wing and silver wreath. The observer badge was identical with the colors reversed. This example of the pilot badge is probably of French manufacture. It is a cruder stamping and seems to be stamped out of a used piece of metal. The back is stamped with the numbers 60094 and nothing else. This example of the pilot badge is affixed to an RAF Czech pilots tunic with embroidery thread. Based on the wing design it appears to be of British manufacture, probably Spinks, though I have not taken it off the uniform to check.
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A miniature version of the Pilot badge that came with the Czech-made badge. For wear with civilian clothes This is a very rare badge as there were very few balloon personnel in the Czech Military - apparantly only two companies. This is the balloon pilot badge. The observer badge was identical with the colors reversed. The cannons were to indicate the primary purpose of the balloon force which was artillery observation. The back is hallmarked .925 This flight engineer badge is actually not a WWII badge as it was regulation only during 1947-1953. This was prior to the enforcement of Communist rule and the replacement of the Czech royal lion with an uncrowned lion and star.

This beautiful porcelain badge was produced after the war as a commemorative piece. Other badges commemorate the RAF and the soviet VVS for which Czechs also flew.

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