Coat, Breeches and Hat to Bulgarian General of the Air Forces Lt. General Vasil Boidev
Lt. General Vasil Boidev was only one of two pilot generals in the Bulgarian air force, the other being General Major Dimitar Airanov. In these pictures we see his unique general's quality coat with solid blue collars and lapels - which is different than the junior officers in the background. He also wears the unique general's cap which has gold embroidery versus silver for other officer ranks. General Boidev graduated from the Military Academy with King Boris in 1936. He went on to be promoted to Supreme Commander of the Bulgarian Air Force.

At left are close-up views of the general's collars and lapels. Junior officers would only have the blue tabs for air force. The button shows the detail of the Royal Bulgarian crown mounted over a winged propeller. This was the standard button for all air force items.During the war, General Boidev commanded the Bulgarian 5th Army based in occupied Serbia in the town of Skopie. After the war, he was forcefully expelled to a small village where he remained until his death.

The inside of the cap showing the official royal military seal and the tailors name pressed into the sweatband. The embroidered ribbon inside the cap is in Bulgaria's national colors of white, red and green.
This cap is in excellent condition considering most Royal Bulgarian items were destroyed when the communists took power in 1944. All images of the monarchy were promptly banished. The badge and the chinstrap are heavily embroidered in gold, which was unique to the general's rank.

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