Humberto (Mario) Victorio Fattori *Click on any picture to see full size.
Mario is shown here standing in front of an FAB marked PBY Catalina which the FAB used exstensively for anti-submarine patrols against the axis.

Mario himself later became a P-47 pilot with the FAB in and later flew with the USAAF.
A rare hand-colored portrait of Mario Fattori, FAB pilot of WWII who passed away on December 23, 2002.
photos courtesy of Joy Marie Fattori

*Click on any picture to see full size.
Sergeant Newton Hucke
Sergeant Newton Hucke flew with the FAB during WWII out of Rio De Janeiro on anti-submarine patrol. He is wearing the Khaki working dress of the FAB, very similar to the USAAF. The B-17 behind him is personalized with the message 'muio trabalho' which means 'too much work'.
photos property of Newton Hucke, courtesy of Cesar Campiani Maximiano

A group of Brazilian pilots at a Pisa airfield pose for the camera. Note the Brazilian star on the wing. All the pilots are wearing US issue flight gear with the exception of the boots on the pilot second from left. From left to right is Lt. Coelho, Captain Assis, Lt. Rui and Captain Lagares, Green Flight Leader (thanks to Luis Gabriel for the information).
An American press photo of Brazilian air force pilots training at Eagle Pass Army Air Field. Notice the variety of blue winter and khaki summer service dress being worn. Both uniforms are shown worn with the white top officer's cap.
A rare color photo of Brazilian marked P-40s on patrol off the coast of Brazil.
photos property of Brazilian National Archive, courtesy of Cesar Campiani Maximiano

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