Insignia of the Brazilian Air Force *Click on any picture to see full size.
To date, we have not been able to locate a WWII example of a Brazilian Air Force Uniform. Perhaps someday. We have been able to collect some insignia associated with the force, including wings and medals. The FAB during WWII was relatively very small. Their primary theaters included fighters in the Italian campaign and anti-submarine patrols over the South Atlantic.
The Brazilian pilot wing. It is a heavy, thick die cast piece with a winged Brazilian military coat of arms (the sword through the star with the Southern Cross in the middle)
The Brazilian radio operator wing. Since the Brazilian's main air force was concentrated on U-Boat patrols with multi-engined aircraft, the radio operator was a critical position.
The back of the wing. There is no hallmark. The pin is very similar to the Italian style which may mean this piece was made there. A contingent of Brazilian P-47 pilots flew in that theater.
The back shows a very heavy clothespin like catch.

This is the South Atlantic campaign medal. This was given exclusively to air force personnel that participated in the anti-UBoat patrols in the South Atlantic. There is a corresponding campaign medal for the Italian Theater.
The original jewler's box for the pilot's wing showing a Rio de Janeiro address on the famous Copacabana.
The War Medal. This was given to all Brazilian military participants in WWII. On the back it is inscribed 'Medalha De Guerra 22-VIII-1942'.

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