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A RAAF Service Dress Uniform to Air Commodore Hippolyte Ferdinand De La Rue, CBE, DFC
De La Rue was started the war as a Group Captain and was later promoted to Air Commodore. He retired as an Air Vice Marshal. He is shown wearing standard RAAF service dress. Standing in front of a station, De La Rue held various commands between the wars. He was Air Officer Commanding of the Western Area (Perth) in 1941. As such, he conducted the investingation of the sinking of the HMAS Sydney. As a Group Captain, he was appointed as commander of the Australian Air Expeditionary Force.
H. F. De La Rue (the Third Baronet De La Rue) began his flying career as service member number 8 in the Australian Flying Corps. He went on the the Western Front where he was a member of 2 Squadron AFC flying SE5a's. He earned a Distinguished Flying Cross for his feats in 1918.

A chest view showing the dark blue color of the RAAF and the brass, unblackened waist buckle. De La Rue wears a standard issue blue shirt with removeable collar and issue black tie. The back view of the uniform showing the single vent and integrated waist belt. A close up view of the single row of large sleeve braid that designates Air Commodore. Above that are overseas service stripes.

This uniform must have been AC De La Rue's 'best blues' as he has posted a beautiful bullion embroidered RAAF wing, which was unusual. On this class of uniforms officers typically had silk thread embroidered wings. A view of the wing and ribbons with the lapel up. Under the lapel is a commemorative badge for the 75th anniversary ANZAC day. De La Rue was a well decorated officer serving in two world wars. His ribbons are, from l. to r., top to bottom, top row: Companian of the British Empire, military division, Distinguished Flying Cross. Middle row: British War Medal 1914-1920, Mercantile Marine Medal 1914-18, WWI Victory Medal, WWII Pacific Star. Bottom row: Australian Service Medal 1939-45, British War Medal 1939-45, King George V silver jubilee 1935, King George VI coronation 1937.

A close-up of the button. Usually these are bakelite, but the Air Commodore's are blackened bronze.
A copy of De La Rue's commendation card for his CBE, awarded in 1945.

De La Rue's DFC citation from the London Gazette 20th September 1918:

Lieut. (Hon. Capt.) Hippolyte Ferdinand Delarue (Sea Patrol). This officer, in a Short seaplane, accompanied by another, formed escort to machines carrying out a long-distance bombing raid. When nearing the objective both machines were attacked by a fast enemy scout, and the companion plane was forced to alight. Captain Delarue at once followed it down, picked up pilot and observer, and returned with the two additional passengers. A brave and meritorious action, for the risk he ran was great in such close proximity to the enemy, it being extremely doubtful if his machine would rise from the water with four on board.

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