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A RAAF Battle Dress Uniform to a Flight Lieutenant
This Flight Lieutentant wears the battle dress uniform in the dark blue colors of the RAAF, a much darker shade than his RAF brethren. This was a distinctive look that stood out when RAAF men were posted to England. Behind him is the famous RAAF Lancaster 'S' for Sugar.
The officer's uniform is noteworthy for a couple of reasons. One, he wears the dark blue visor hat which was not as popular as the dark blue side cap. Note the one officer in the background wearing the same cap. Second are the twin post-war Civilian Air Force flashes on his shoulders, indicating he is a reservist. This side view shows the tan, red blue, red, tan of the Australian Civilian Air Force. On the battle dress, rank was indicated by rank lace being sewn directly to the shoulder epaulets.

As indicated by the 'AG' brevet on his chest, this Flight Lieutenant is rated as an Air Gunner, probably on a large, multi-winged bomber. As a more senior officer, this man could have been the armament officer as well, since not many Air Gunners were as highly promoted.
The ribbons indicate this man wore his uniform to the end of the war when he would have received his war participation medals. From l to r, the 1939-45 star, the France and Germany star, the Defence Medal, the War Medal, Australia Service Medal and the Cadet Forces medal first awarded in 1950 for those who served in units with cadets for at least twelve years. He was probably a teacher.

This close up view shows the dark blue visor cap of RAAF officers. The cap device was the same for the RAF and most other dominion air force personnel (The South African Air Force had a unique cap device).

To the right is the Gunnery Leader of 460 Squadron RAAF F/L A. S. MacWilliam, DFC wearing this same type of uniform and cap.

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